Sheldon Farm Septic Tank Service, Inc.

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Your septic system requires a regularly scheduled pumping every two to three years.  Inorganic or inert solid materials and the byproducts of bacterial digestion sink to the bottom of the tank to form sludge. Organic solid material and paper products float to the top to form scum.  These materials can plug the tank and overflow into the leaching system.  The sludge must be pumped out in order to maintain a healthy leaching system. 

Our Services Include:

Emergency Service
We understand that despite the efforts of the homeowner, backups do happen.  We will prioritize an emergency call to ensure immediate service. 

Electronically Locate Septic Tank Covers                                                                                                  
We can electronically locate your septic tank using a device which once flushed will send out a signal that will pinpoint your septic tank using the receiver.  Typically we can locate your tank without the use of this device, but in some cases it is quite useful.  

Exposing Covers
For an additional fee we will dig to expose the septic cover at the time of cleaning. 

Bacteria Additives
We offer a bacteria additive that helps support the growth of bacteria which is destroyed from household products, such as, laundry detergent, bleach and cleaning agents used in our daily living.  Bacteria is necessary in promoting a healthy system and is responsible for the breakdown of solids.  When solids are broken down they are not able to filter into your leaching system, which may lengthen the life of your system. 

Residential & Commercial Septic Tank Cleaning
We thoroughly clean each septic tank, whether it is residential or commercial.  This includes pumping the tank(s) completely and then backwashing and re-pumping.  This ensures the solids at the bottom of the tank are completely removed.  We operate large capacity pump trucks with modern vacuum equipment to handle both residential and commercial customers. 

Snake Exterior Lines
We carry an 100 foot snake on our trucks for blockages that occur from your tank to your house. 

We have over 200 feet of hose to reach the most distant systems without disturbing your landscape.

Customer Service
We value all of our customers and provide professional, friendly service and have been doing so for 34 years.